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The Importance of Licensed Tree Service

In almost every state, any tree service company offering to trim or remove trees must be licensed with the city or state where they operate. This license proves that they have met the minimum requirements to perform these services and complied with local laws regarding which trees can and cannot be removed. Licensed tree service also often has liability insurance, which protects customers in the event of damage or injury during work.

Tree trimming and removal is dangerous work, requiring expert knowledge of both the science behind tree care and the physical demands of operating power tools at heights. Hiring unlicensed contractors can leave you exposed to unimaginable risks. In fact, many homeowner policies include language that explicitly excludes tree work performed by unlicensed contractors. It’s important to ask whether or not a potential contractor is licensed and insured before hiring them for any job.

Licensed and bonded tree service is an essential part of maintaining the health, safety, and beauty of your property’s trees. While some may argue that it’s possible to find cheaper, unlicensed tree services, the truth is that improper techniques can endanger your family or property and can lead to future issues such as pests, disease, structural instability, and storm damage.

The City of Eagan recommends that residents only hire licensed tree service contractors to perform tree maintenance, care, and removal within the city limits. This helps to ensure that the contractors have been trained and have adequate experience to provide safe and quality tree services for their clients. Licensed tree service companies should have both a state or city business license as well as a contractor’s license that specifically covers tree maintenance, care, and removal.

A licensed tree service is a professional, experienced tree company that is qualified to handle all types of tree maintenance, removal, and pruning projects. They can help you choose the best tree species for your property and address any problems with existing trees, including removing diseased or insect-infested branches, thinning dense canopies to promote light and wind flow, and cabling or bracing weak or unstable trees. They can also assist with site planning and development to ensure that the integrity of your property’s landscape is preserved.

Licensed tree service professionals undergo extensive training and testing to earn their credentials. In addition, they must comply with any state or local licensing and registration requirements. These requirements can vary by state and city, so it’s crucial to speak with a local compliance expert before launching your tree services business. Harbor Compliance offers full-service, managed compliance solutions that can include a business license application, insurance verification, and ongoing CEU tracking to help you stay up to date with your obligations. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help you achieve your goals for your tree service business.

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